Wu Bangguo Quotes

31 Wu Bangguo quotes:

"No country has the right to interfere in the choice of the people of other countries."
Author: Bangguo Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"First-class universities increasingly reflect a nation's overall power."
Author: Bangguo Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"Developing countries, on the other hand, need to take acceleration of development and improvement of people's livelihood as their prime task, draw on the fruits of world civilizations in light of their own national conditions, and keep building their capacity for self-development."
"China has been and will always be a positive factor and staunch force in safeguarding world peace and promoting common development."
Author: Bangguo Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"Sino-Japanese relationship has witnessed great progress since we normalized our relations. It is hard-won and should be treasured,"
Author: Bangguo Quotes Category: Progress Quotes
"China and South Korea are close neighbors that have identical or similar views on international and regional affairs and share broad common interests,"
Author: Bangguo Quotes Category: Neighbors Quotes
"China and Russia are both shouldering tasks to improve living standards and reach national prosperity."
Author: Bangguo Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"No legislative, administrative or judicial activity in the Hong Kong SAR is allowed to contradict the Basic Law, let alone to go against the Basic Law."
Author: Bangguo Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"We will continue to publicize law drafts to collect suggestions and hold more public hearings on bills which the public care about or dispute about the most."
Author: Bangguo Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"The law-enforcement supervision work by the NPC Standing Committee is aimed at defending people's fundamental interests."
Author: Bangguo Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"Strengthening Sino-Brazilian relations benefits not only the two countries and the two peoples, but also regional and global peace and development."
Author: Bangguo Quotes Category: Peace Quotes

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