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"First, I can understand the emotions just after a game but second I think it's always good to look in the mirror... when you are a big team, you must punish a little team."
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"I think the reaction is very nice because it's a reaction of enjoyment, it's not violent...I think there were one or two injuries where people dislocated their shoulders waving flags."
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"We just have to see what damage is done physically, ... but mentally I'm very proud of the boys. I have a long flight to think what we can do tactically. It's in our hands, but I expect Uruguay to come to Sydney to defend - and they are a team which knows how to defend."
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"The problem tonight was finishing off. I'm proud of the boys, the way they played against a team with a budget five times bigger than us. But I always like to get a result. It's not easy to get six chances against Milan in this stadium, which we did."
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"We can be proud of the boys -- what they did."
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"By the look of things the budget for players has changed too."
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"At times, they were complaining that we were working too hard. But I think it was worth it."
"Despite all the pressure we only gave away two chances and I have to give my team the compliments for the way they achieved this result."
"not goodbye, just 'so long'."
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"I'm satisfied with this result against a team with physical and tactical strength.....we have had more worse starts in the Champions League."
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"I'm an ambitious coach and I want to be successful here in Russia. There is a lot of technical potential within Russia's national team and if the players are aware of their potential I think they can increase their level."
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"It is normal that we were knocked out when you look at the potential of the two sides."
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"I can see the potential of the team. I can see that there are a lot of good players. They are keen to secure good results. My task is to help them do that."
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"We played tactically very well in the first half, despite all our problems,"
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"I talked with (Liverpool manager) Rafael Benitez a few days ago about him and we were planning to get him in a special program to have him fit as soon as possible. I have my ideas and Benitez has his ideas and we will work on this to get him fit as soon as possible."
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"[He relies] a little bit less on the shouting, more on planning and a schedule. I have found Arnie very good, he is a very open person to what I say. He is serious, he is very keen, intelligent, and knows the players."
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"Robert is on his way, but we need more time and patience,"
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"He has more passion in his right toe than other internationals have in both legs."
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