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"Always be assessing your particular skills and your particular experience and your particular abilities and energies and interests, and matching them up with the available work to be done. And then be prepared to sell yourself into challenges."
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"In today's global economy, employees and their employers need to think about their working lives in a whole new way, ... Everything is turned on its head. [Job] security is not about stability; it's about mobility. The very same forces that are changing today's workplace are working on Gen X, and they are dovetailing."
"We are all moving into the workplace of the future together. It's all about competing for the best people. And the best people are thinking about their worklives in a whole new way. [Employers] have to lose their attachment to the old-fashioned career path. We can all learn from the emerging workforce and generation."
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"This one wants more money. That one wants a different schedule. Another person wants to trade in her responsibilities for a whole new set. This one wants to be included in high-level meetings. That one wants to attend a particular training program. Still another wants to start telecommuting ... from a thousand miles away."
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"A person's willingness to conform to arbitrary parameters is not a good criterion for selecting talent or allocating rewards,"
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"The No. 1 thing is to be one of those people who gets a lot of work done very well, very fast. Don't be scared into submission by all the downsizing activity. That's exactly the wrong message to take."
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