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John Gorman Quotes

6 John Gorman quotes:

"John Edwards has been an ASA since 1998 and most recently has been working in the Juvenile Justice Bureau. This is considered a very serious charge. He has been suspended and the case turned over to the Illinois attorney general's office."
Author: Gorman Quotes Category: Justice Quotes
"We never pinned our hopes on the legislative process. It's a difficult process. It's fraught with many land mines as you go through. We've hit a couple, but it doesn't mean we won't see a good bill."
Author: Gorman Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"We want everybody to be satisfied, ... We are more than willing to participate in resolving any problems that need to be resolved."
Author: Gorman Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"We've played good football but it just amazes me that other teams don't really come to win but they get results,"
Author: Gorman Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"All we had was the delayed outcry of an 8-year-old boy. We told the police to continue investigating. If police thought this was such a great case, they could have pressed charges on their own."
Author: Gorman Quotes Category: Police Quotes
"This case was brought in good faith based on the evidence we had of a young girl being assaulted. We have no second thoughts about bringing this case."
Author: Gorman Quotes Category: Faith Quotes

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