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"I think every coach, whether or not they're going to be there next year, anytime they have a group of guys they really love and appreciate, I feel more sadness for them than anyone because they fought hard. They really fought hard over the last month. I'm proud of them."
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"How many interim coaches that had never been a head coach, at this level, following a legend are going to be able to keep his job? Let's be realistic about the whole thing. How many thought I would be here six years? … It's OK. I was here for the healing process, and now people can move forward."
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"He has no nerves. I mean, he fears nothing."
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"We went from being a very deep basketball team to only having enough to practice today."
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"He's the leading scorer in the country, so there's really nothing we can do. We hope he misses some shots. We don't have anyone who can really guard him. No one has figured it out."
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"If Microsoft couldn't keep up with the customers' demand [for the 360], I don't know why they didn't wait to release it. For some people, it doesn't matter whether it [the 360] is out or not, because they still can't get one."
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"If you're unsure whether you qualify for this program, you should contact either Social Security or the Indiana Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP)."
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"They have a good basketball team and they just lost some road games. That's part of being in a good conference. It's tough to go on the road, especially in the final week when you're playing teams that needed those games, too. Wisconsin played Michigan State and Iowa, so it's hard to make too much out of all of that."
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"(The basketball teams) play on it. I think the men's team is undefeated at home, so I guess we're doing pretty good."
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"We hope to talk to our group, and see what direction they want to go, ... Then we will let Mr. Marra speak and we know he will have some good information."
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"We played a very good basketball team tonight. They made the game too hard for us. I thought we gave everything we had in the first, but the way they played, the way they shot the basketball I don't think we could have won. They did what they had to do, and they took care of the home game."
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"He's really more of a hyper coach and likes to get into it."
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"This could be big for barley. I also expect more research to document other potential health benefits."
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"Hopefully, he got some rest (Sunday) and he'll be ready to go (tonight). Tuesday is definitely a quick turnaround."
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