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Kris Benson Quotes

7 Kris Benson quotes:

"My body felt fine. It's not something I definitely, without a doubt needed."
Author: Benson Quotes Category: Body Quotes
"We aren't the type of people that give money and disappear. We're the type of people that go out and continue to support what we do."
Author: Benson Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"I know it's going to be a miserable night. It's already been a miserable night. But what can we do?"
Author: Benson Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"The hit definitely helped my cause. It was nice to get the go-ahead run home in that situation."
Author: Benson Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"In the back of my mind I wanted to come in here and throw well based on my last outing. I fell into a groove last year to start the season, then I had that chest strain. This year I've been making so-so pitches. I've got to keep working on my command and not get behind in counts, and just got to stay positive."
Author: Benson Quotes Category: Mind Quotes
"I think we've both kind of moved on. We realize this is a great opportunity for me."
Author: Benson Quotes Category: Opportunity Quotes
"I'm hitting my spots like I should be, but they're taking too good of hacks on balls that I'm throwing up there, so there's obviously a problem with the selection I'm taking with each batter."
Author: Benson Quotes Category: Balls Quotes

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