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James Phillips Quotes

5 James Phillips quotes:

"It's magic. He does it all through the cell phone. He sends me the pictures of the house, which I receive on my cell phone, or I go to a Web site and take a virtual tour. It eliminates a lot of time wasted."
Author: Phillips Quotes Category: Magic Quotes
"Brian and David are both extremely talented individuals with a keen sense for emerging market opportunities, and broad-based experience in capitalizing on them. We look forward to tapping into their industry expertise as we further accelerate the development of market-leading products and execute on our go-to-market strategy."
"I don't know if she's looking forward to it. She's certainly got her work cut out for her, certainly. It really is a tough job."
Author: Phillips Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"Even though we lost a lot we still got some people who can play. We've proven that in the past and we've corrected our mistakes from last week and I think we're going to have a pretty good defense this year."
Author: Phillips Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"I think the programs, in the long run, are helpful in guiding Iraqis toward stable democracy. Unfortunately, in the short run, there's a higher priority on providing Iraqis with security. And much of the funds that may have been available before for these programs were diverted, I think, to protect Iraqis. And I think that's logical because you can't practice democracy if personal security is perpetually at risk."
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