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"In 1955, the nation was still largely industrialized, and South Dakota was an agricultural state. A high-school education was a good level of attainment. Now, to be a player in an information economy, people need more education."
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"It's something we didn't plan on in our budget."
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"I hear people complaining every time I come out of the place, but I really like Dr. Palmer and (they) never disrespected me in any way. But I think overcharging someone for four white pieces of paper, $100, is a whole lot."
"I just feel good inside that I can help other babies (who are) going through the same thing that I went through. Hopefully, they can live healthy lives like I am."
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"The purpose of them knowing what's going on is so that they'll do something, because the point is to have the resolve to do something to help people. So by students learning about it. Maybe they'll be passionate, maybe they'll want to help."
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