Elizabeth Morgan Quotes

7 Elizabeth Morgan quotes:

"He was saying, mumbling, something like, 'She's the devil,' talking about the mom, saying, 'She's the devil,' and some other nonsense I couldn't really make out."
Author: Morgan Quotes Category: Devil Quotes
"I was inside on the computer and ... all I heard was, 'Somebody stole my baby!'"
Author: Morgan Quotes Category: Babies Quotes
"Right now, we have been able to stick to our (class-size) averages, but just because we've run out of space - and we're running out of space for portables - the choice we may have to take, and it may be the one we don't want to take, is to raise class sizes at some of our buildings,"
Author: Morgan Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"At that point, we got out and tried to coax him into giving us the child. He wouldn't, so we called 911."
Author: Morgan Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"Resorting to violence is a terrible, terrible thing to do, ... you have to be aware of what you're dealing with and follow your soul."
Author: Morgan Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"I came outside and tried to chase the guy in my car, and the mother got in my car."
Author: Morgan Quotes Category: Mother Quotes
"I heard someone screaming, 'He stole my baby. Please call the police,' ... When I looked out, I saw a black male carrying the baby, running down the street."
Author: Morgan Quotes Category: Police Quotes

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