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"All the ports have been notified, but whether they have or not gone out of the country we don't know. Obviously the longer it goes on the more concerned we get."
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"All I know is that I'm the basketball coach here at ASU. I have a contract. I have a year left on my contract. I'm looking forward to going and coaching this week."
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"You have to beat them; they're not going to beat themselves because they're a very cerebral basketball team. They're not the most athletic team in the world, but they're going to negate your athletic ability by playing smart."
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"He's so athletic and so physical. He's a smart basketball player. I've always been impressed about his demeanor on the court. It never changes. He's a fighter and a warrior. He's a class player. I've enjoyed watching him. I'm glad he's leaving."
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"Obviously our defense wasn't very solid tonight, we can't give up 100 points to anybody and be successful. We came out flat in the first half and fought back in the second half but we dug ourselves a hole because we didn't get up and defend."
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"With him in the ballgame, we are a different basketball team. We have a place to go inside to get some baskets and rebounds and he alters shots."
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"They know each other on the basketball floor, but they also are good for each other. Jeff is more cerebral and knows how to keep his emotions in check. Sylvester has had trouble controlling his emotions, but Jeff has helped him do that. Jeff has told me how to approach Sylvester. In the locker room at times, it's Jeff who tells Sylvester to pick it up or change something abut his game."
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"In those days, four black kids might start, but a white kid always started at point guard. In those days, the point guard was thought of as the intelligent position, just like quarterback in football."
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"I'm not worried about the big guys on our bench. They've got talent. They'll be OK."
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"I understand we lost some great talent, including the player who would have been the best senior in the nation, ... Losing a player of that magnitude will take a toll on any program. But we recruited well, have some solid shooting and feel that several players are ready to take that next step."
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"I've never coached against a team with only three turnovers in one game in my life."
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"There's just a lot of issues to work with, and the next one is regulation."
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"We really worked on him. We really tried to front him. We tried to make him work hard to get the basketball. I thought we did a good job on him. We just couldn't keep him off the free-throw line."
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"The biggest thing is lack of patience on the offensive end. You're not going to score if you don't get a look at the basket, so we need to take better care of the basketball."
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