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"The ability to do it for a long period of time, I think, is something that kind of separates a little bit from other guys that had phenomenal years. The ability to hold the position down for a few years and go out and do your job is something I'm proud of."
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"But the truth is, this might be the end of the run."
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"He takes great pride in it. He's always attentive to the game situation, knows when we're going to probably crank 'er up a little bit more than normal based on the situation. There's no dialogue; he's there before I ever get there. Kind of like you see guys in the Home Run Derby. They bring in their own batting practice pitcher. There's a select comfort you get from somebody."
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"I pride myself on being consistent. So, yes, it definitely means something, even though I don't set goals."
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"It's nice to see some youth running around and not see achy backs and necks and arms, ... It's nice to see some young guys feeling spry."
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"I'm not very (comfortable) with that, but I know that it's a realistic situation that I need to become more comfortable with, ... Not to point any fingers, but there are people in the organization now who aren't into long-term deals."
"I think there's reason for optimism,"
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