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16 LaDainian Tomlinson quotes:

"She went in for a checkup, and the doctors realized there wasn't a heartbeat. We still aren't really sure what caused it. They said it could have been a couple of things."
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"It's tough because you're fighting against yourself during a game: 'Should I be playing? No, I can't quit.' You know you're not 100 percent, so it's hard. . . . I guarantee you he's hurting."
"My goal is 2,000 yards, ... My goal is to break [Dickerson's NFL season] record. I believe it's 2,105. That gives me something to shoot for."
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"I went to the Senior Bowl and told myself I'm going to answer the question about this competition thing once and for all,"
"I don't want to make it sound like I'm complaining I'm not getting the ball. I had the ball 19 times in both of the last two games. Anytime I touch the ball that much, I've got to make something happen. I haven't done that."
"I'm so used to catching some balls out of the backfield, ... Even in a game like yesterday, they were playing well against the run. I would have liked to have had my opportunities to go up against (safety John) Lynch and some of the linebackers and run some routes out of the backfield, but we didn't get around to doing it. I'm not blaming anyone. I understand, it's hard to call plays and try to make things work."
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"I don't think about the playoff loss anymore. I think about the team we had, the fun we had together the whole season. We had a great time."
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"I really get my work in practice. Preseason games are not where I need to get in rhythm. It helps to play some preseason. There was some right there today."
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"I know how hard it is,"
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"I am just a player trying to do what I'm told."
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"We needed a victory bad, ... We needed to get back to even so we could feel good about ourselves and the direction we were going. It just happened to be the Super Bowl champs and their 21-game home winning streak on the line."
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"I don't have to sleep with Eli,"
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"I really get my work in practice. Preseason is not really where I need to get in a rhythm. Obviously it helps some; that was some (help) out there. It felt good to stretch them legs with the ball in my hand."
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"I always take pride in throwing a touchdown because as a running back it's not something you're supposed to do. So I really enjoy throwing the football."
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"I always take pride in throwing touchdowns because that's not something a running back is supposed to be able to do."
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"Everything speeds up and it's blurry for a minute, ... But you've got to have a little patience sometimes to just find a soft spot. There's always a soft spot in the defense, and it's your job to find it."
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