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Lisa Wheeler Quotes

7 Lisa Wheeler quotes:

"We are assaulted in the airport with just about the worst of the worst of fast food. But if you look hard enough, you can eat healthy in the airports,"
Author: Wheeler Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"When we travel, we cede a lot of control over our schedule, our meals, our workout facilities and so forth, so it is harder to stick to our diet and fitness routine,"
Author: Wheeler Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"Try to eat like you would at home. So if you do not tend to polish off a three-course meal with a giant hot fudge sundae at home, do not eat one on the plane. I guarantee it is not going to be the best hot fudge sundae you have ever had, so why blow it on a mediocre treat?"
Author: Wheeler Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"When we travel, we have to plan our schedule, meetings, transportation and clothes ahead of time, and we really have to do the same with our fitness regimen."
Author: Wheeler Quotes Category: Clothes Quotes
"For those travelers lucky enough to fly business or first class, beware of the feeding frenzy."
Author: Wheeler Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"We will be conducting an investigation on the unauthorized burning. We will be relying on the fire department's report and at this point there will be no on-site investigation."
Author: Wheeler Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"Balls are not one size fits all."
Author: Wheeler Quotes Category: Balls Quotes

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