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Luis Castillo Quotes

10 Luis Castillo quotes:

"Once the game starts, everyone has enough pride they don't want to let another man step in front of him and beat him."
Author: Castillo Quotes Category: Man Quotes
"We're fighting for the wild card. We have to get in there and try to get their pitcher out of the game. . . . You have to wake up a little bit and score runs early in the game."
"People maybe don't see it, but when I steal, I'm hitting first. So when I hitting second, that's a different [approach] for me."
Author: Castillo Quotes Category: People Quotes
"I caught a lot of ground balls yesterday and it feels good. I feel confident with the ground balls. I don't have any problems, really. I know it will be different [in games], but yesterday, I felt pretty good about it."
Author: Castillo Quotes Category: Balls Quotes
"For me, it's better to stay here. I want to work hard and be ready for the season. I don't want to have any problem for the season."
Author: Castillo Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"I worked hard. I have to prepare better."
Author: Castillo Quotes Category: Hard Quotes
"If you have gold and diamonds in your garden, there is no reason to live in misery."
Author: Castillo Quotes Category: Gold Quotes
"The biggest thing you have to look for is not so much the field as especially in the first half we weren't getting off blocks and making tackles. We were throwing arms out there. You're not going to bring Larry Johnson down by throwing an arm out there."
Author: Castillo Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"This is terrible. Very disappointing. I've got to get back out there. There's so many things I have to work on."
Author: Castillo Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"He was trying to pitch me low and inside. I just kept trying to stay alive."
Author: Castillo Quotes Category: Trying Quotes

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