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14 Robert McCullum quotes:

"I think that's an example that they were the more physical team. They have a lot of options and a lot of weapons offensively."
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"A lot of our offense (was run through Holmes). He came out aggressive, he wanted the basketball. You need guys with the willingness and the ability to put their team on their shoulders for a while, and he did that."
"Players on the all-league team usually have the benefit of playing on wining teams, and Solomon has not had the advantage of playing for a winning team."
"Howard was the one we expected so much from. In a controlled scrimmage against Florida State, (FSU) coach Leonard Hamilton predicted he would make the All-Big East freshman team. Two days later Howard was lost for the season."
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"We could have had a 10-12 point lead [early] and we needed that for our confidence."
"We're determined to turn this thing around. If we could get one of these [wins] but if we don't hurry up and get one, there won't be one after that to get. That's kind of where we are."
"They were quicker to loose balls off deflections. It seemed like they got all of those."
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"I just think, if it was important at all, the timing was important. We're obviously in the heart of recruiting, it never stops."
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"I think as a head coach, it's your responsibility to protect your players."
"It's not like we are trying to walk the ball up, or trying to milk the clock. We were not trying to miss shots no more than they were trying to miss shots. We don't purposely make the game ugly. I think each team has to find the way that gives them the best chance to be successful."
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"Tonight it was a combination of things. When it was all said and done, we were affected by foul trouble. In the last four minutes of the game their seniors [Kelly Whitney and Copeland] stepped up and made plays."
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"When you look at the big picture, I have no fault with the way we played defensively. Our problems lay offensively. It's a combination of things. Bottom line is: We got what we got."
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"(Jones) has probably had the best fall. He hasn't missed a sprint. He's been as close to perfection as a player can be in the conditioning program."
"It's a performance we can build on. You look at 21 to five turnovers, that's still our Achilles' heel. That's why we struggled, and the rebounding, that's why we had a chance."

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