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Ray Durham Quotes

5 Ray Durham quotes:

"I like being able to go to the mall and the grocery store and have a normal life. I've seen what those guys go through. I witnessed it with Frank. He could barely walk in the mall without getting mauled, and people following him. They can have all that. I just want to make a good living, be able to support my family and stay under the radar. I like my privacy too much."
Author: Durham Quotes Category: Life Quotes
"It's coming along. It got better over the last couple of days. I'm always playing with a little pain. I'm trying to get it taken care of so it's not lingering all season."
Author: Durham Quotes Category: Pain Quotes
"Really? That was fast. Usually slumps happen when you're striking out or hitting weak ground balls. I've been hitting a lot of them on the button."
Author: Durham Quotes Category: Balls Quotes
"He jumped up quicker than I thought he would and hauled butt back into the fire. He ran right back into the hottest part."
Author: Durham Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"You figure he could win 10 games by himself. You look at it that way, we could be three games up. There's no doubt about it. If he would have been here the whole year, we'd be in first place."
Author: Durham Quotes Category: Games Quotes

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