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"In terms of fear, that was shockingly easy for me to be able to tap into, because it was so accessible. We don't realize how much fear we do carry around with us. We're constantly trying to be, hopefully, rid of our fears, but they're always lingering."
Author: Hudson Quotes Category: Fear Quotes
"I think Galliano is one of the most thrilling designers. He uses lots of color. I really enjoy his clothes."
Author: Hudson Quotes Category: Clothes Quotes
"In the early 1980s when the British government decided to purchase the Trident nuclear weapons system, Britain faced a perceived threat from the nuclear-armed Soviet Union."
Author: Hudson Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"Sometimes I'll be walking down the street and I'll hear some American and I'll just go, 'Of course they hate us, of course they can't stand us. We're the most annoying, boisterous creatures in the world.' I mean we come in and we eat mounds of food, and we're like, 'Where's the ketchup for our French fries.' I'm like, 'Shut up.''- explaining how she REALLY feels about her American fans when being treated poorly in France."
Author: Hudson Quotes Category: Hate Quotes

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