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Gus Frerotte Quotes

8 Gus Frerotte quotes:

"Randy was there so long, and he was put up on such a pedestal. When he does that kind of thing he lets the other leaders down."
Author: Frerotte Quotes Category: Kindness Quotes
"I haven't heard anything. Scott is a players' coach with a good side to him, but he could also be very strict. He has a feel for it, and if the Rams hired him they made a good call."
Author: Frerotte Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"It is going to be the same ol' coach Saban. If you watched him at the end of the game with the defense, he was yelling and screaming. That is coach."
Author: Frerotte Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"We came out fast, ... (Then) we missed some execution, had some penalties, missed a few deep balls. Maybe I'm throwing it a hair too early. I don't want to take a sack."
Author: Frerotte Quotes Category: Execution Quotes
"We just missed some deep balls,"
Author: Frerotte Quotes Category: Balls Quotes
"There's been a lot said about Chris (and Ronnie). I told those guys not to worry. If you are the guy, the ball is coming. I'm not afraid to throw it to those guys. I have all the confidence in the world that they're going to make those plays."
Author: Frerotte Quotes Category: Worry Quotes
"No, you never get to that point, ... If you're a competitor and you have a lot of pride in what you do, those things will eat you up. Now, you come into Wednesday and you've got to let it go, but those things will eat you up for days."
Author: Frerotte Quotes Category: Pride Quotes
"I wouldn't want to say the organization was in chaos, but there was some turmoil and [I] just never felt comfortable in Cincinnati,"
Author: Frerotte Quotes Category: Chaos Quotes

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