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4 Mark Headley quotes:

"We need a reality check. Japan has still got a challenging demographic profile, managements that are less than dynamic and a government that is still very bureaucratic."
Author: Headley Quotes Category: Reality Quotes
"I've been impressed with the government in certain cases, but these companies' inability to control their environment is very real, and this will keep the market very volatile."
Author: Headley Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"Higher interest rates in the U.S. were really strangling growth in Asia."
Author: Headley Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"There have been some bellwether events that have been pleasing to us as investors, and really [China] listing all of these state-owned banks and insurance companies has been inspiring. They've all managed to get out on the market, support relatively high P/E ratios, and they've had a great run in the last few months."
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