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11 Aaron Nieckula quotes:

"Submariner like that, you don't see those kinds of guys too often. But that's really no excuse."
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"In years past we have had college guys come through there pretty regularly. Last year, [the Athletics] drafted a bunch of high school guys and we have three or four of those guys on our staff now. They have tremendous talent. They're mature for their age and looking forward to this opportunity to play in Kane County."
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"We've got some team speed. We've got guys with baseball savvy out there that are willing and wanting to take the extra base. It just goes to show that you don't need to hit the ball out of the ballpark or hit doubles and triples to score runs. We scored eight runs. It's timely hitting."
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"It's nice to ride high after the first two games of the season, now let's see, after a loss, how these young men respond."
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"That's like a hitter trying to get his first hit of the season. Trying to get that first something off of your back, it kind of alleviates the pressure and opens the door a little bit."
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"That's like a hitter trying to get his first hit. Anytime you get that first something off your back, it relieves the pressure. Jason has outstanding stuff. All he needs now is to learn how to control that fastball. But, he'll get it down (because) he works hard and has a great attitude."
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"He earned an opportunity to go that fifth inning, but we are thinking more long term instead of short term right now. More for the benefit of the team than the individual."
"You may not get a lot of hits on a given night, but if you get timely hits with runners on base [that's the key]."
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"They are young men and they have to learn how to respond to tough losses like that."
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"We got men on base, via walk or an error or the base knock that last inning. We just couldn't do anything with it."
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"This a great opportunity to be around the game. Obviously, there will be a little bit more responsibility. As (the) hitting coach (last season), I was kind of lurking in the shadows whereas the manager has to deal with hitters, the pitchers, the front office and the fans. It's a bigger responsibility, but one I accept and look forward to."

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