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Brian Wells Quotes

7 Brian Wells quotes:

"I have had a passion for football since junior high,"
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"It's just the funniest show I've seen on Broadway in years. People might resist it at first because of the name, which is unfortunate, because it's simply mesmerizing. Ask my mother. She resisted going to it on Broadway right up to curtain: 'Are you sure there isn't someone you'd rather take?' Now if you ask her, she'll tell you it's her favorite show."
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"For the past two years, my brother has been portrayed as a bank robber, mentally disturbed, suicidal or worse, ... I can't believe that (investigators) still have my brother on the hook for this. We know my brother; everybody knows he is not a bank robber."
Author: Wells Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"For the past few years, we've had this philosophy. We do one rarely-seen musical, one as straight-from-Broadway as we can, and two crowd-pleasers to anchor the ship. We like to start with something to get people talking, and close with something that people will remember through the long nine months we don't produce."
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"Play along both lines (offense and defense) is the same indoors and outdoors, the techniques to be fundamentally sound are the same, it is still football,"
Author: Wells Quotes Category: Defense Quotes
"When I was growing up as a kid I was playing football or baseball or something else in the back yard, ... I always dreamed of becoming a National Football League player."
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"San Diegans are people who like outdoor entertainment. We go to the zoo, the park, the theater. Lifestyle's important to people here, and going to Starlight is part of that equation."

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