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Jose Contreras Quotes

16 Jose Contreras quotes:

"We get to talk because we speak the same language,"
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"Everybody knows the quality of players from Cuba. All of the championships we won -- you have to be one of the best in the whole country to be one of the 25 who are coming."
Author: Contreras Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"We pitch mostly the same way, and just facing him is an honor. As good as he is, I wish I had him on my team, but too bad we have to face him."
Author: Contreras Quotes Category: Honor Quotes
"I don't think you would see a difference in the performance of normal everyday tasks where you don't need to learn something new,"
"This is the beginning of every important game left in the year. I knew that. We can't lose from this point on. Luckily I got three runs and I could pitch more comfortably."
"The comfort level comes from throwing strikes like I have in the past and passing the ball around the strike zone and not walking as many people, and that comes from confidence, ... When you have confidence you have success, and that's when you have wins."
Author: Contreras Quotes Category: Comfort Quotes
"The confidence I have received from my manager and my pitching coach Don Cooper, ... I think my pitching coach and my manager have been really patient."
"I have no pressure, and the confidence is very good. Ozzie and [pitching coach Don] Cooper have helped me very much on the mental side."
"My confidence is sky-high,"
"I have no pressure with the White Sox. And my confidence is very good."
"I'm throwing the ball well, my defense is outstanding. I'm throwing the ball the way I want to."
Author: Contreras Quotes Category: Defense Quotes
"After the All-Star break there were trade rumors that were bothering me, ... But Ozzie and Cooper gave me the confidence and took the pressure away from me and I tried to work as hard as I could with my stuff and my mental state."
Author: Contreras Quotes Category: Trade Quotes
"It's a big difference, ... You have that extra support when you look into the stands and see your wife and kids."
Author: Contreras Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"I was ready to pitch my game once we started. The rain was the last thing on my mind. I had a good fastball, kept the ball down in the zone, and my slider was effective early in the game."
Author: Contreras Quotes Category: Mind Quotes
"[He paused and looked up to make eye contact, expressing sincerity that needed no translation.] When I go out to pitch, I go out to pitch not only for the fans here in Chicago but my fans in Cuba and the Cuban people, ... I represent something bigger than just pitching for one team."
"Our pitchers get along with Coop. Coop understands us, lets us do what we think is best and we feed off each other very well. He's been a great part of our success."
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