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"It looks pretty cute. I couldn't throw (Friday), there's no way."
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"That was a cool experience. You don't realize what's going on. Everything is happening too quick. Guys are yelling at you to get out there, so you just go."
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"I didn't want to come out of that game."
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"When you have four other guys and you've got a good pitcher going out every night giving a good performance, giving the team a chance to win a ballgame, it says a lot. It says a whole lot. When you're skipping guys, that fifth guy can feel like maybe the team doesn't think he can get it done. But it's not like that with this team. And I think that means a lot."
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"I'm not going to get that worried about giving up a hit,"
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"This is what it's all about -- baseball in the fall,"
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"I like using my defense; that's why when you give up a hit I'm not going to be that mad, ... The next pitch you can get a double play. That's part of my game in a way."
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"None. That was a cool experience. It's funny when you do something like that, you don't realize really what's going on. Everything was happening too quick. That was pretty exciting."
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"My agent has been through it, and friends of mine have been through it. But I'm not going to let it consume me."
"At first, I was looking for the ball, ... And then I realized how bad it hurt. It got a little tighter each inning. . . . But once the inning started, the adrenaline took over."
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"Obviously we had good rotations in Oakland. But the consistency from the five of us is amazing to watch. It's fun to watch. Our offensive guys know no matter who's pitching we have a chance to win. It's fun to be part of that. Everyone knows his role in a way. There is no question mark."
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"Is this the place I want to be? Sure. But it's not something I can control. It's not something I'm going to worry about. I want to worry about games and getting ready for the season."
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"I missed my last start, so it took me a little while to find that comfort zone. I had a pretty good sinker tonight."
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"I'm making better pitches. It's the little things. Last year I fell behind a lot and made mistakes over the plate. I'm making better pitches this year. I'm making the pitches when I need to. It's helped me a lot so far."
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"I say that and I wasn't exactly happy with it. There were a bunch of games where I thought I could have pitched better. It's just when I look back at say five or six games where I had ... a 4-0 lead and, boom, it was 4-3. I'm sitting there, now I've got a one-run lead. When I got a lead earlier in my career, I ran with that. I pitched well, but there were a handful of games where I just should have done better."
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"Going around second, I really didn't feel anything. I was just trying not to smile or laugh running around the bases, because I wanted to. It was a cool experience, but I'm sure there's probably not a good chance of that happening anymore this year."
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"I think it's ... when the trade happened, maybe, I think it was kind of a fresh start. I'm excited to go to a team that is so committed to winning."
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"It's satisfying, yeah. But do you want to make a habit of that? No. I could have given up eight runs tonight with the stuff I was throwing up there. But sometimes you've just got to battle, try to bear down and keep your team in the game."
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"It was fun to be out there today."
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"Trust me, the last thing I want to go out and do is give up a bunch of runs. That's the furthest thing from my mind. I just couldn't get it to stop. One bad pitch after another."
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