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Buck O'Neil Quotes

6 Buck O'Neil quotes:

"Don't be so hard on him, ... Maybe he's got a young boy of his own at home."
Author: O'Neil Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"You know, people that think that about you, you know, it means everything in the world. (They're) showing their love for me because they know I love them."
Author: O'Neil Quotes Category: Love Quotes
"He was wonderful and kind, always insisting on gentlemanly behavior and a good suit."
Author: O'Neil Quotes Category: Behavior Quotes
"I've had some success, I really have. But I tell you what, you got to get that education."
Author: O'Neil Quotes Category: Education Quotes
"The general manager of a baseball team can have lunch with the governor or he might have dinner with the United States president."
Author: O'Neil Quotes Category: Baseball Quotes
"A lot about the game has changed, and thankfully, much of it is for the better. There is still work to do, but today we have a Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, we have black owners, managers and executives of teams...and look what Nike has done! The Untold Truth Collection represents more than a jersey or a pair of sneakers. It represents our lives, our story, our legacy."
Author: O'Neil Quotes Category: Work Quotes

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