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Jason Johnson Quotes

7 Jason Johnson quotes:

"I don't know if we're running out of gas. I can't explain it, ... It's just one of those things where we're kind of in a rut right now. Our starters had a rough couple weeks, and I feel like our starters are really starting to come back and pitch well again. The hitters are having a little rough week now, too."
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"Before, I considered myself a power pitcher. I wanted to strike everybody out. Now I want to stay in until the seventh or eighth inning. If I only strike out one or two guys but I?m still in there in the seventh inning, that?s fine with me."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"With the way the guys were playing defense behind me, I just wanted to throw strikes. I looked at this game as my first start of the season. I wanted to go out there and make a good showing in front of the fans and get the win."
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"When I got diagnosed, my dad told me, ?Use it as a tool. If you can be a baseball player with diabetes, you can help a lot of people. That's how I use it. I use it as a tool, instead of a crutch."
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"The ball was running on me a little bit. The pitching coach (Carl Willis) said I was opening up a little bit with the front side, so they were able to see the ball coming (early) instead of upfront. It's an easy thing to correct. You want to try to get all those things out right now, get all those little problems to go away."
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"With each program we try to identify where the greatest value is achieved in the marketplace from the intellectual property that the member companies have spent a lot of money and time developing. We try to focus the license on those parts of the market. You will notice in most of our programs, we have a license for those who make devices, particularly consumer devices because that is where the greatest value is extracted. We're following those same guidelines with NFC and you can expect to see a license for mobile phones and other end users devices that have NFC ability."
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"In this case, I believe the report came back and it was skunk-transmitted,"
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