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9 Robert Gordon quotes:

"We're really not talking about bad faith here. Both liberals and conservatives sincerely believe that the best interpretation of the Constitution calls for results they prefer."
Author: Gordon Quotes Category: Faith Quotes
"We're not talking about any crisis. There's always a way out."
Author: Gordon Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"We went from a softball field to a real baseball field. It's a pitcher's ballpark. They can throw with a little confidence now."
Author: Gordon Quotes Category: Baseball Quotes
"It's been true since the beginning of the republic."
Author: Gordon Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"[Jackson's defense attorneys are looking for jurors] who understand that children can lie, and if not, at least they can form perceptions that are false and spurious, ... On the other hand, the prosecution is looking for people who believe that children do not lie about sexual impropriety, and people who believe in law and order and hate the abuse of children."
Author: Gordon Quotes Category: Children Quotes
"We've got a very good cross-section, some large land owners, Conservation Committee members. Basically every viewpoint has been represented. The committee has worked extremely well together and balanced all of the view points."
Author: Gordon Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"The risk they face is that (the public strategy) boomerangs."
Author: Gordon Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"There is a direct relation between requisite stock, standard of living, and technology in use at a given time. We therefore offer a different approach to studying use of finite resources, one that is more directly related to environmental concerns than are the discussions found in the economics literature."
Author: Gordon Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"It's justice. What we're doing is justice."
Author: Gordon Quotes Category: Justice Quotes

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