Gregg Easterbrook Quotes

30 Gregg Easterbrook quotes:

"Torture numbers, and they'll confess to anything."
"And if there was something, suppose I wanted to write something really damning or embarrassing about one of the owners, that would really be a problem on the NFL's site."
"And then ESPN fired me. I did not think that was a fitting punishment."
"But by showing us live coverage of every bad thing happening everywhere in the world, cable news makes life seem like it's just an endless string of disasters - when, for most people in most places today, life is fairly good."
"But if you could make that mistake and press the send button and the entire world sees it forever."
"ESPN has said that they fired me without having been told to do so by Disney, and I actually believe that. I think they did it on their own."
"Even though Rush is not me and the situations were very different, I think, in the Rush Limbaugh thing, ESPN was criticized for not acting, and you remember that after a couple days of controversy over Rush."
"For what I wrote that started this whole controversy, I deserved to be criticized, and I felt bad about writing it. I felt bad mainly as a writer and a thinker."
"Heroic people take risks to themselves to help others. There's nothing heroic about accepting $5 million to go out and run around chasing a ball, although you may show fortitude or those other qualities while you do it."
"I behaved poorly by starting this whole thing and I made some mistakes in dealing with it, and they made some mistakes in dealing with me, and taking down all my stuff was probably one of them."
"I didn't view myself as attacking the boss. I viewed my boss at ESPN as the publisher and president of ESPN."
"I don't think there are many larger lessons to be found in sports."
"I think professional sports, football, to use it as an example, it's fundamentally a form of entertainment."
"I think that might have been an element in it, and people have asked me that very thing. Remember, Disney is the majority shareholder, but it is not an operating division of Disney."
"I think the thing that I most appreciate now is that stereotypes involving Jewish identity activate fears of persecution that exist in the present day."
"I think they completely overreacted by firing me, but in my mind I think this coming a month after Rush Limbaugh had a lot to do with it."
"I view the players as entertainers. Their job is to entertain you, and although an Arizona Cardinals game might not have that effect, most of them do."
"I would guess that at the very least that all blogs that are affiliated with an organization are going to be edited, if they're not already."
"I'm a smart guy, I know the history of this issue and why people care about it."
"I'm working seven days a week in the fall. I couldn't possibly keep that up. This is only for the fall. In the last couple of years I've tended to do most of my serious writing in the winter, when there's nothing going on with football."

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