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11 Scott Boras quotes:

"They had a conversation early in the week. They exchanged some dialogue, and they're going to talk again later."
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"Alex has made the decision to participate in the World Baseball Classic for the United States. He decided that he should honor the country where he's a citizen."
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"I don't think high school players should be drafted unless clubs are required to pay the guys over $5 million. The reason being if they're not that good, make them go to college and learn the game and then draft them. But if you draft a high school player you have to guarantee his future. And if the player is not that good the team won't take the risk. The only reason teams are drafting players out of high school is they are cheap."
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"We learned from [ Alex Rodriguez ], when Seattle tried to trade him during his last year [that] it was a very difficult thing to do, ... If your team is remotely in the race you're better off keeping the player because clubs aren't going to give up much for a short, two-month stay."
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"His strength has increased since he left college by about 15, 20 percent. So he comes to spring training really after a six . . . seven-month extensive training program."
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"The economics of the game have never been better, [which] proves that investment in players, star players, is the way to go. The fact is if an owner wants to win there are premium players out there. And we know the revenues are there for them to pursue them."
"He spoke to many Dominican friends and American friends, and many American players. If he was going to play in the classic, he was going to honor his citizenship and play for the United States."
"Kevin didn't have me pursue any teams because he wanted to see how his health was. He decided after the painful process last year he was not going to play. His arm is still remarkably good, but it's about his back. He had to endure a lot to throw last year."
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"When they drafted Pelf, he had thrown a lot of innings. We all felt he would benefit from a break, so we didn't even really start serious talks until January."
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"Greg's drag, ... may be his own choice."
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"The Japanese teams start practicing in mid-January. They have a decisive advantage. For the American hitters, particularly the power hitters, it's not there yet. You take power away from the American players, all of a sudden you're going to have close games."
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