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Robbie Wine Quotes

6 Robbie Wine quotes:

"Coming out of there, that confidence has to be high as far as competing, now there is an element you worry about with learning how to win. That's probably what I'm concerned about, but I still believe that if we go out and play hard every inning of every game, the wins will come."
Author: Wine Quotes Category: Confidence Quotes
"There were some goofy decisions that had to be made that wouldn't normally wouldn't have been made. Maybe I need to start doing some more of that stuff. [We played] every inning like it was the ninth inning."
Author: Wine Quotes Category: Decisions Quotes
"Their bats aren't coming around yet. It might be nice to sneak attack it, but I doubt it."
Author: Wine Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"They've been outdoors, they've played four games already against good competition. They're ahead of us, no doubt about it."
Author: Wine Quotes Category: Competition Quotes
"Execution and fundamentals are the key to winning games, and we did it down the stretch. It's a good win and it will be a good bus ride home."
Author: Wine Quotes Category: Execution Quotes
"Louis is a good athlete with great baseball instincts. He takes charge on the field and will give us depth in the infield. He's a great defensive ballplayer who also handles the bat well."
Author: Wine Quotes Category: Baseball Quotes

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