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13 Agnus Berenato quotes:

"I want the University of Pittsburgh to experience those things that Connecticut has experienced with conference championships and NCAA titles. We will be a winning program."
"This is hard for me. We thought tonight we were going to make history."
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"I feel like this team is focused. We know what our goals are. The first was to have a winning season, which we have. The second was to qualify for the Big East Tournament, which we did as the sixth seed after being picked to finish 11th. And the next goal is the NCAA Tournament."
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"I have such a belief that we can be prominent on the national scene. But we're in a league with programs that have made it. So you have to make a leap. So who are you going to leap over?"
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"These are my leaders right here. And I wouldn't trade them, they're wonderful. But, at the same time, you have to be able to be in a situation, and then you have to learn."
"This was a hard fought game, because both us and West Virginia are fighting for our lives. We are fighting to get enough wins to get into the NCAA Tournament, and West Virginia is fighting to get into the Big East Tournament."
"This is the second-best defensive team in the nation. You can't prepare for that. We can't practice that kind of heat."
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"We really thought we would be making history (last night). We wanted to be here saying we got Pittsburgh into the NCAA Tournament for the first time. This has been a magical season, and we aren't going to let not being selected to the NCAA Tournament take away from what we have accomplished this season, even though we really believed we would be invited."
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"We felt tonight like we would make history. We thought we deserved it and worked for it."
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"We need more support like the men get, but you have to show them that you deserve it. But we have faithful people and they're bringing people with them."
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"Why not Pitt? We're in one of the top conferences in the country. The philosophy (for tournament selection) is if you go .500 in your conference, you're in. That's the way it is in the ACC, SEC, all the top conferences."
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"All those offensive rebounds are nice, but they don't mean much if you can't convert them into points."
"I thought that first half of basketball, Pitt played really, really well."

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