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"For me to just go back in that environment where it's being encouraged was great, ... Just to keep working on your game, keep stretching your game and keep learning."
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"People don't see what an incredible will he has. There's a lot of leaders that are good who are not able to kind of get the message across, bend people to his will. I think that Baron has an amazing and infectious gift that he can come into a locker room and really make people believe and really make people better. I think people have seen him have fun with the game, but they haven't seen the kind of forceful personality he has."
"I think guys are beginning to understand that and are making the effort to become a better defensive team."
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"I think that part of the ethos, the culture of a team is to kind of foster that, where a charge is a good thing, a shot block is a good thing, just being in the right spot, being back and helping other teammates,"
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"I wanted to give Mike an opportunity to create but I realized the clock was running down so I heaved the ball up."
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"People have problems throughout society. Basketball isn't any different. We're much more visible targets when it happens."
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"When you make a few mistakes, it hurts, it's glaring. But I can't control it. I can only continue to play hard. That's what I do best. Other people may not have confidence, but as for me, I know what I can do. I'll be the first one to tell you when I mess up, when things don't go right."
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