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13 Lawrence Frank quotes:

"Vince doesn't look too good right now. So hopefully our doctors have that secret formula."
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"Cliff had the courage to step up and shoot them. That's why he's still at a high level at 39 years old. You can't be afraid to miss a shot."
Author: Frank Quotes Category: Courage Quotes
"For him to bring the amount of energy he did [Sunday] you're counting on a guy who's been in the league 17 years that speaks volumes about the type of person and player he is. He's been tremendous for us. He's given us a great spark."
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"I know that Game 5 made a lasting impression on me. Vince must have been a high-jump champion somewhere, because that was an amazing play."
Author: Frank Quotes Category: Champion Quotes
"They're right there. They've got a Hall of Fame coach. They've got good players. It's just a matter of getting that flow and confidence going."
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"It doesn't get any easier. We are going home to play the best team in basketball. That's the beauty of this league, you do it on a nightly basis and we can keep trying to get better."
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"We're searching. We're looking for the right combinations. Guys are still trying to find a comfort level."
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"We're really excited that we've had the good fortune to pick up a player of his caliber. He's always been a very capable low-post scorer with a big body, and he's a big presence out there."
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"None of this is saying suburbia is bad. It just says these are the relationships you get ... and they should be taken into account."
"Defensively, the intent and trust has improved. And obviously, Vince Carter has risen his game to a higher level and Richard (Jefferson) and Jason (Kidd) have been very consistent and we're getting contributions from the bench."
Author: Frank Quotes Category: Trust Quotes
"Any player used to playing 'X' amount of minutes, when they get in foul trouble, it's disconcerting. But he's a great player, we respect that. We know that and we prepare for that."
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"It's hard to do that (shoot 11-of-11). He had a real good night. Guys were playing through him."
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"Guys like Kerry and Kenyon were such special, gifted defenders. But we still have enough talent to be an elite defensive team."
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