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23 Gilbert Arenas quotes:

"He has something I don't have. He has two rings. That's what every player dreams of, and he has two of them."
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"That pain from the Celtics is still in my blood. When they said they'd pick me with the 10th or 11th pick, they got my hopes all high. I usually hold a grudge for that."
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"It's that time of the season when you need every game. You have to go out there and bang it out."
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"You think you're funny until you meet somebody like Tom Tolbert."
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"We've got to realize that these people lost everything they had. For some people they didn't have food or water for days. I'm just trying to do my part and help out as much as I can."
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"It's a blessing. It's an honor to be an All- Star and I'm really happy that Commissioner (David Stern) has chosen me. I'm excited and honored to be picked among the best players in the game, and I'm looking forward to representing my teammates and coaches and this entire organization at the All-Star Game."
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"We've been missing that kind of toughness from our lineup. When you are missing one of your enforcers, his sweet jumper and his tough defense, it hurts us. Everybody is glad to have him back."
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"I don't want to say that he has regrets. I don't want to put that out there but I'll just say that he misses here."
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"First time on television, we won. It was a special moment for us."
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"It's an honor. Thank you, David Stern."
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"Talent speaks for itself. But I'm going to try to be the best I can. If I make the All-Star team this year, I make it. If I don't, I don't. ... But I am gonna make it."
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"We dug down deep. We got stops early in the fourth quarter and from there they were just fighting to get back."
"Shocked? Everyone was shocked. You were shocked. I was shocked. He was shocked that it went in. It's hard to win or lose a game with 0.5 seconds left, but obviously it happened."
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"As well as they played in Game 1, we thought we destroyed ourselves. We didn't play our kind of basketball. We didn't do anything we preached. We decided to come out here (last night) and play our brand of basketball."
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"I was the one who was helping him out. But I guess he heard from somebody that I told Coach not to play him in Game 3. It wasn't like that."
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"It didn't seem possible, but they've found a way to improve. They have so much more freedom with the ball, and they still make it tough on teams with their defense."
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"Eddie does a good job of not pounding us in practice and giving us days off where we can recover."
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"Brendan is coming out and playing hard, blocking shots, getting rebounds. He's actually fighting in there."
"We're stunned, too. We did a great job for a team that doesn't give up. We knew it was going to be a hard-fought game. We just tried to keep the pressure on. We were just hot tonight."
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"It was just one of those night where we used a lot of energy trying to get to this spot. You know, it is just one game, one game out of a seven-game series. We lost the first one. We'll be ready for the next."
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