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"It is a step in the right direction. A few days ago, I don't think anyone was talking playoffs with us. We were falling off and now, it's a little bit better."
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"Whatever we need to do to get this team winning. I'm not here with any big ego if [Cheeks] thinks it helps for me to come off the bench, then we'll try that."
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"It's just playing together. When we do that, we are a good basketball team. When we don't, we are not a good basketball team. It's as simple as that. That's all there is to say."
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"He's by far the most laid-back coach I've ever had,"
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"I don't think there's anybody not wanting to [play defense], but maybe, subconsciously , we haven't been completely focused. Tonight we kind of got caught up with the officials a little bit; we weren't completely focused in the second half."
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"That was a crazy, ugly, exciting basketball game. It seemed like it was up and down, with turnovers, long rebounds we weren't getting. I don't really know how we won, to be honest. I thought we were kind of sloppy, but we found a way to win."
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"It was just to have some team fun. We don't have fun around here right now. It seems like every time we go to practice, it's so uptight and everyone's worried about stuff or whatever. We just needed to have some fun."
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"I went to games as a spectator and I saw the fun that it was. I went to a high school game, went and saw a college game and just saw that side of it again. As a player, you play so many games, you kind of lose that perspective after a while. I think once I saw that side again, it was like this is a fun game, it?s the game of basketball, I get paid to do this, let?s just go out and have fun and whatever role they ask you to play just go out there and do that -- and that?s what I?m trying to do."
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"I really needed to get away. I'm back now. I'm not trying to force it. I'm not trying to prove I belong in a certain spot."
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"We've just been a little more focused. We're not giving up easy baskets like we were. A lot of it was just we weren't paying attention to details. We just have a new fire. We just accepted playing a different style of basketball a little bit."
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"This team has heart. I think a lot of people have kind of been questioning us, but I don't know how you really can. We're not always doing it right, but we're trying hard."
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"We kind of went through that stretch where we lost some leads. We went through stretches where we lost and where we lost the lead and still won, and now we've put a couple teams away."
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"I wasn't about taking responsibility because things just came to me. I got a lot of free throws."
"It all starts with Shaq. We're all so conscious of him, where he is at and trying to double-team him. We're trying to help, we are trying to front him, trying to do everything. It all just rolls off him."
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"(Webber) played huge. He stepped up. That's what leaders do."
"We wanted to make a little statement, but it didn't happen. It was all about pride. We didn't want to get blown out on our home court, or on TV. We fought back, but we're not taking any moral victory out of losing to Miami by seven. We wanted to win this game."
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"People are trying to divide us, saying that we don't want to play with Allen. That's not the case. Allen provides so much for this team. There's this perception that we don't like playing with him ... We love playing with Allen and Chris [Webber]."
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