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"He's the only coach I've been around who really cares about you. It's not just about basketball. I think, personally, that Indiana, the school, is really missing out because he's in the trenches with all of us."
"I'm not going to say (Davis) is one of the boys, but he gives you so much leeway, he high fives you, says good game, that's why guys are playing so much harder now. It's fun, I'm telling you, it's fun out there."
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"Coach is sort of like a senior, too. He's one-and-done. We've got a lot to fight for."
"If you don't get confidence out of beating Michigan State, you weren't going to get any. It's just a matter of time they'll put us in. If we keep winning, stuff will handle itself."
"You just keep winning, man. You don't control who is going to put you in or take you out."
"After I missed that first one, I wasn't going to make a fool of myself twice. When I caught it, I just passed it off."
"I wasn't going to make a fool of myself twice. I know the 3-point shot I took in the first half I missed bad, so I was like, 'I'm not going to do that anymore.' So I just swung the ball."
"He knows mismatches. He knows his strength. He really helps us."
"Man, you've got to watch for that Suhr. He's real tricky."
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"He was going so fast. Man I said, 'I knew Earl was fast but I didn't know he was that fast.' He was pushing us to another gear."
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"It's frustrating when you don't win. If you win, you feel like it was worth it."
"People play for the respect."

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