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Jerry Slocum Quotes

7 Jerry Slocum quotes:

"John has been a work in progress the last two weeks. We need him."
Author: Slocum Quotes Category: Progress Quotes
"It was fun to see our fans excited and into the game. It is clearly a basketball atmosphere."
Author: Slocum Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"We still have a lot to play for. We've been telling our kids that for the past week. A week ago there was only one game separating eight teams from second to ninth place."
Author: Slocum Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"He came into the game, basically because of his size. We spent (Friday) working with him pretty hard on learning our offenses. When he came in, we just shrunk our playbook down to a minimal amount. He just played tremendous, keeping it simple. That has to be the case and he did a good job."
Author: Slocum Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"You're not going to beat that quality of an opponent by making those kind of mental mistakes that we made. At this stage of the year, it's very disappointing to see we would make some of those errors."
Author: Slocum Quotes Category: Mistakes Quotes
"It is a tough one to sit on when you have that type of performance."
Author: Slocum Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"We didn't shoot the ball very well. We didn't guard very well. I'm very disappointed. Our execution offensively and defensively wasn't very good."
Author: Slocum Quotes Category: Execution Quotes

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