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Larry Eberst Quotes

6 Larry Eberst quotes:

"Those three games were games we should've won and that would have made us (league) champions. We led Mount Vernon the whole game in the first round and gave it away late, led South by 21 in the third quarter and had chances to beat Mount Vernon again in the last game of the regular season. The South loss was especially devastating (to league-title hopes)."
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"We have seen much-improved inside play of late. That four-man rotation is giving us everything we need out of our post play. They're boxing out, rebounding, scoring and basically, just controlling the paint."
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"We've played some teams in the past couple weeks that really like to slow the tempo. While they've dictated tempo, what I've been pleased with is our ability to be patient. Our shot selection has been good, and that's important when you have fewer possessions. I tell the guys all the time that teams may dictate tempo, but defenses can't dictate shot selection."
"We played the best 29 minutes of basketball we played all season collectively, then we did everything wrong collectively in the last three minutes. We missed free throws, had quite a few turnovers. It was bad. But we were happy to respond so well against Pickerington North. The kids bounced back and showed some poise."
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"We're not out of it by any means, but we don't have total control now like we would have if we had beaten Mount Vernon. For all practical purposes, if we lose another, it's over. We've got to take care of business and hope the chips fall in our favor now."
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"We were within two or three possessions of winning six to eight more games. One defensive stop here and a basket there, we could have been looking at 18-4 or better. That's how close we were. If only we had been a little more consistent."
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