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"I know that topic keeps coming up, but I'm most interested in quality basketball. We're having a hard time sustaining quality basketball, and tonight was as bad as it gets. Everything we tried didn't work. Every shot we attempted seemed a little off rhythm."
"It's the craziest thing I've ever been around. I've never been on a team, coach or player, where this has happened. I just hope we can take the positives to Rhode Island and see if we can play good basketball again."
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"I would like it to be permanent. Unless it's absolutely, totally necessary, I'm not going to change it based on the opponent's starting lineup. I told the other guys, 'If one of you guys proves to me you should be in there, you're in there.' I think that will help our consistency a little if that fifth guy isn't a question as to who's going to be in."
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"That's how it's been for us. It's been unbelievable. We've literally won and lost for 19 straight games (dating to last season). The good news is last year I would have died for that. The bad news is that we can't get on a winning streak."
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"On paper, we're .500, but if you look in deeper, we're so close to being a really good basketball team."
"I want to establish quality on both ends of the floor. It's very important going into the conference tournament that we're not just good on offense, but also good on defense. We have to have a better defensive conversion (from offense to defense), we need to take care of the ball. I need to see a complete performance."
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