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Larry Bullington Quotes

6 Larry Bullington quotes:

"Those guys have been playing together eight or nine games now, so we have a better idea of what each other is doing out on the court, both offensively and defensively."
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"That's a tough way to play because they do control tempo so well."
Author: Bullington Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"Oden has more impact on a high school basketball game than anyone I've ever seen or have known of. Then you (have) Conley there with him. (Oden) gets enough on his own around the basket, but Mike is so good of knowing where (Oden) is at. They've played so many games together."
"It's a relief. We had to go the hard way (to the title)."
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"It's been a great year. I've got a team that plays the way I love to coach. I love to full-court press. We play five guards. We love to run. I've got a team that shoots 50 percent, and I love shooting the basketball. This has been a fantastic team. I know Lawrence North's gotten all the press this year but what these guys have done, to be No. 2 in the state, win 20 games and hopefully some more . . . they've just been unbelievable."
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"It's a learning experience for him. We talked about it with him and got him back in (the game)."

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