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15 Ricky Davis quotes:

"(Nash) is not the quickest guy, but he knows how to play, knows how to use his body, knows how to find guys."
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"It's real hard to come up with something unique. We've seen just about everything over the last 10 years."
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"Hopefully after the break we'll be able to get in a little more practice and everybody can get acclimated."
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"It's almost like we are playing for pride. Some people are going to play every night, some people aren't."
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"You're playing against your old team in front of a different crowd, but it was fun."
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"Tough night. We started the game off good, but struggled. They came in and played hard. We tried to match it but couldn't get the victory."
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"The second quarter hurt us. They jumped out to a 12-14-point lead and we just couldn't get it back."
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"They tried to play Garnett straight up. He's been facing double-teams for the last 20 games. It's tough to get your game on when they play you like that. But tonight he had a great game."
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"It's not frustrating yet. It's still early in the season. Keep losing games like this, and we'll be frustrated. But we think we are all right. The division's not playing too well, so I think we're still in it."
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"They made every shot. It's kind of tough when a team's shooting really well. And when you try to make your run, and they still make their shots, it's almost impossible."
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"We're not running out no more. I think we're running a lot more plays in the second half instead of just playing freely. The first half we're just out there, guys just playing, running up and down the court. I think that's what we need to continue to do."
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"He was the story of the night. We came in expecting him to hit the boards hard, and he killed us. It's tough anytime somebody is playing like that."
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"It's tough, but it's all going out and playing basketball. You get to learn plays and think about the movement later. The terminology is pretty much the same all around the league. You catch on the first couple days. At the end of the day, just come out and play basketball."
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"That's crazy. I think he should fly out to Hollywood and get a movie set. It's kind of funny."
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"I don't know if it's self pride or whatever. We just need to toughen up a little bit."
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