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Joanne McCallie Quotes

14 Joanne McCallie quotes:

"I can't wait. Believe me, I am so tired of speaking and giving clinics. I am quite anxious and happy that practice is going to begin and we can get busy being tough and establishing ourselves and our grit."
Author: McCallie Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"We were not bad (defensively) on Jess. I know that sounds funny. She's grown and gotten more agile as a player. Once upon a time, if you took those (shots from the) blocks away ... but now she goes wide. I'm surprised she didn't hit a 3 tonight."
Author: McCallie Quotes Category: Funny Quotes
"We'll learn from this game and move onto the next one."
Author: McCallie Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"It was just a classic All-American performance, in terms of her aggressiveness and her willingness to take her team on her back and get the job done."
"I think you could write a book on Liz and Lindsay and what they've brought to this program. The foundation they brought to this program. The kind of people they are. They're extremely bright. They work very hard, and the best compliment I could ever give them is that I never had to convince them of anything."
"The state has high-level guards and tremendous depth at the position where so many (college) programs in the state can benefit,"
Author: McCallie Quotes Category: College Quotes
"It was an excellent, balanced attack. They worked the basketball. They had 22 assists. That's a credit to their team. They didn't shoot too quickly too often. I think their high-low game is outstanding, obviously, because of their size."
"She can dunk the basketball, she can shoot, she can pass, she's athletic and she can run the floor."
"It was a game of halves, and I really loved our passion, the way we played in the second half. The game is not about easy. And you can really get into a trap if you think it is."
Author: McCallie Quotes Category: Passion Quotes
"It's an interesting science. The science of where everybody goes. I feel like in that regard, you want to set the table with a great schedule, you want to attack the schedule and that's what we've done."
Author: McCallie Quotes Category: Science Quotes
"We are in no way looking at this as a moral victory. Ohio State is an excellent team, but we're a very good team too. I'd love to meet them in Boston (in the Final Four). That would be a dream."
Author: McCallie Quotes Category: Victory Quotes
"It's an anytime, any-place mentality, and we're just trying to stay in the moment. You can't be picky about any region. Maybe the Connecticut fans will remember that I'm from Maine. They're great fans, and maybe they can be Spartan fans for just an evening."
Author: McCallie Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"It was a great game to play a lot of people, have a balanced attack and get past the Christmas blahs. Coming off a bitter loss at LSU, this game was really about us."
Author: McCallie Quotes Category: Christmas Quotes
"Laura Hall was probably the only player on our team that battled in the appropriate fashion. We had one. There was one."
Author: McCallie Quotes Category: Fashion Quotes

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