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"We can make all the excuses we want but part of it is we don't have many sophomores out there and we've got a lot of freshmen out there playing college basketball for the first time. Sometimes going through something like this gives you a comfort level the next time."
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"You never like getting knock out of the playoffs by anybody, but there aren't any hard feelings. And they're a new team, at least in the backfield."
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"I'm just disappointed that we're not playing clean basketball. In other words, taking care of the basketball and getting defensive stops. You can live with that if you're getting good shots. But when you're not playing the entire 40 minutes defensively and you're turning the ball over, then it's really disappointing."
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"I still believe that there is not a great deal of difference between the teams and I just think it's a matter of who's going to play well the whole weekend. I believe in what we could accomplish if we go and play like we did on Monday for 40 minutes, we've got as good a chance at beating McLennan as they do against us."
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"It's going to be a long-term commitment."
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"They are as big, or bigger, a part for us on defense."
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"It's like the same song but different verse. We do a lot of good things in a basketball game, but I told the team that we're not mentally tough enough to close out games. We're not mentally strong enough to do the little things to help us become successful."
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"That looked like what we were doing in conference and why we lost those close games. If you can't come down and make the tough plays when the game is on the line, then you're not going to beat good teams."
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"The green building market is growing exponentially, yet professional home builders have no reliable, authoritative source to go to for information that can be applied to traditional American homes. Every Green Builder Magazine issue will deliver educational content about best green practices that will satisfy the growing hunger for practical information. The Magazine will serve as a 'builders' advocate,' bringing greater awareness of sustainable products, designs, systems, and techniques to America's largest industry."
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"I told the kids no Hoosick Falls team has ever gone 13-0."
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"It is just more than adjustments. The kids just have to want it."
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"We played with intensity and we played with purpose for the full 40 minutes and didn't lose our composure when they hit a couple of shots and tried to make a comeback."
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"I don't know what she was running away from, but he convinced her that she was better off staying with him. He certainly coerced this young woman into staying with him, which is exploitation. But I don't believe the young woman realized that she was being exploited."
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"We've honored veterans before, and it's normally the men who get honored, but this year we thought we'd give it a twist and honor the women. You women need to be honored."
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"We didn't have that five-minute lapse of making mistakes to give the other team the opportunity to win. With the exception of the second half of the South Plains game (a 71-62 loss on March 2), I thought we've been playing hard. We just had those possessions on offense and defense where we hurt ourselves and we didn't do that (on Monday)."
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"He's got a lot of talent. They might not throw the ball that much, but when they do, they're not bad at it."
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