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"There's three undefeated teams in the nation right now. And I doubt that any of them will finish the season undefeated. Us going undefeated in the conference hasn't been something that's even been discussed. Obviously, that would be a great accomplishment. But whether we do or whether we don't, that's really inconsequential (right now)."
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"It means I guess that we're starting to open a couple eyes nationally. We're winning games."
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"I'll take the emotions that I've spent three years with great guys. Obviously it didn't end the way I wanted it to basketball-wise, but I've made friendships that will last a lifetime."
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"In the first half, we had a few bad shots. I wasn't in the flow of the game offensively. Coach (Sean Miller) told us at halftime to look for me. If I could get the ball, good things could happen for us. In the second half, they did a good job of getting me the ball."
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"I don't think it was lucky. We put in work every day. The beauty of our team right now is that we're not cutting corners. We come out every day in practice and work our butts off. We didn't hit free throws the way we wanted to, but we kind of scraped it out. We got it done."
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"The beauty of the situation is we were able to find other ways to win, and we were able to scratch it out."
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"We had kind of gotten away from the basketball we had been playing in the past, and a couple 6 a.m. practices refocused us and got us ready. When you have these (school) assignments, you can't get to bed early. But it was worth it. If that's what we need to do to work and get better, that's what we have to do."
"It is just one game."
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"Josh did a great job tonight, but it's not just tonight. He's done well the last several games and in practice. When Josh is playing well, it gives us a lot of versatility. When Josh is hitting shots and doing a great job on the boards, it gives us a lot more options."
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"My opinion is that Brown probably doesn't have much to worry about because it's hard to copyright history. The same thing happened with 'Roots.' Anybody who has a best-selling novel, people tend to come out of the woodwork."
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"As a senior it hurt not being out there with my team. I would have been good for something -- maybe helping out with (J.P.) Batista."
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"We have to go back to work. We have to learn from this. We have to realize that as good of a team as we are, we're not that much better talent-wise than anybody else in this conference. If you don't go out and play as hard as you can, we could lose to anybody on any given night."
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"To some extent, granted they weren't in the A-10, but they had earned an opportunity to be ranked that high after making the NCAA Tournament the last few years. Nobody in the A-10 had done that. They put themselves in position to be looked at that way."

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