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Lee Melchionni Quotes

8 Lee Melchionni quotes:

"It's tough to lose on Senior Night but it would be a lot tougher if this was the end of it all. This part of the season is over and a new part is beginning. Nothing's guaranteed any more. We've got a minimum of two games left. If we don't play well, you lose and you go home."
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"That's when you need to have ultimate confidence in yourself. Be cocky."
"He apologized, it's done with, it's fine. It's a competitive game, emotions are running high."
"Being in your home environment and having a crowd cheering for you, that's something that always helps you out. I think we've had some success here at Cameron for the same reason they have: We've had the crowd behind us."
"We want to play six more games and I think this helps along the way. Maybe we did prove to ourselves and to others (that we're back). I think there's a renewed spirit, a renewed energy."
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"The past is the past. We're not worried about what happened last weekend or last year. As far as we're concerned, J.J. has been an All-American and a Player of the Year, and we know he's going to show up and have a great game for us on Thursday."
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"These guys are a great class,"
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"That's something that can be a little burdensome and we just need to go out and play basketball and have fun like college kids."

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