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Liz Shimek Quotes

16 Liz Shimek quotes:

"I look back on it now and how tough it really was last year and as a team how hard we battled. All the struggles we went through were all worth it in the end."
Author: Shimek Quotes Category: Hard Quotes
"It does hurt, obviously. Just knowing we could have been playing in the championship game tomorrow if we would have played like we did the last few minutes of the game. We just didn't have the right mentality. We didn't have the right fighters making smart decisions. We didn't play Michigan State basketball for 40 minutes."
Author: Shimek Quotes Category: Hurt Quotes
"She was wide open. You have to run up and hope what you do is good enough."
Author: Shimek Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"You dream big and hope that'll happen, but you don't have any control over the future. All you can do is work hard and get a little luck along the way. We've done that. And our time isn't over yet."
Author: Shimek Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"It kind of opened our eyes that we were one of the best teams in the country. We can do it as long as we believe."
Author: Shimek Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"Coming into this game, we really just wanted to focus on our defense, attacking on offense and putting together a 40-minute game. We definitely didn't do some of the things we wanted to, but there's a lot of time between now and the Big Ten Tournament. We're just looking at getting better, focusing on the positive and moving forward."
Author: Shimek Quotes Category: Defense Quotes
"It all started with our defense letting their go-to players get the ball and take wide-open shots. Purdue just really brought it tonight. They dictated (to) us."
Author: Shimek Quotes Category: Defense Quotes
"Lindsay was in attack mode. I have all the faith in the world in her."
Author: Shimek Quotes Category: Faith Quotes
"Kristin is an awesome person, more so than a basketball player. But her leadership was just phenomenal. She was so quiet but you just wanted to play harder just because of her actions. Whether it was getting that extra steal or playing blue-collar defense, you would just look to Kristin for energy and she would give that to you."
Author: Shimek Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"Any accolade comes with your role on the team. When teams succeed, individuals succeed. It's a great, awesome honor but it's all about team here."
Author: Shimek Quotes Category: Honor Quotes
"I never really thought about it as being one of my goals. It's just something that comes with your role on the team and how you're supposed to help the team out. With team success comes individual accolades."
Author: Shimek Quotes Category: Goals Quotes
"It was a lot of fun, just being able to be out there with our team. I mean, 28 assists ? we were just hitting whoever was open. We really just attacked as a team."
Author: Shimek Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"I'm just really excited. A loss for words, really. I'm looking forward to a new era in my life... I'm just really excited for the next few months and years."
Author: Shimek Quotes Category: Life Quotes
"You always pack your suitcase full. All the clean socks I own are in that suitcase. I'm taking enough clothes."
Author: Shimek Quotes Category: Clothes Quotes
"We played with a lot of determination, everyone on the team. We played teams that were more talented and had better players, but we were the better team. We just played real well together."
"All the experience that we did have last year and in the Big Ten this year is really paying off."
Author: Shimek Quotes Category: Experience Quotes

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