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11 Reba McEntire quotes:

"For me, singing sad songs often has a way of healing a situation. It gets the hurt out in the open into the light, out of the darkness."
"Growing up is not being so dead-set on making everybody happy."
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"Finding a good bus driver can be as important as finding a good musician."
"When onstage, I always try to take my audience through as many emotions as I possibly can. I want them to go from laughter to tears, be shocked and surprised and walk out the door with a renewed sense of themselves - and maybe a smile."
"For no. 1, it's great writing, super writing. The second thing is that it's great chemistry with all the actors. We just all got along from the very start. Very get-go, we all got along. We just - it was just like we were all meant to be there together."
"I always thought that was so strange that people would try to corral you and pigeonhole you in one category and not play you anywhere else."
"I think they want to keep it separate, but I've never been a crossover artist for some reason."
"Be different, stand out, and work your butt off."
"To me, there's two types of songs, good and bad. And I just like to stick with the good ones."
"If dreams give you power, then I'm strong enough to walk through my heart till you love me."
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"To Thine Own Self Be True."
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