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36 Herb Alpert quotes:

"I wake up in the morning, I do a little stretching exercises, pick up the horn and play."
"This special event at Vibrato brought together many people sharing a common bond - a love of jazz and a desire to support its future, ... It gave them the opportunity to indulge in both passions - to celebrate the great artistry of Dave Brubeck, and to support the Brubeck Institute, a program at the University of the Pacific which, through its Fellowship Program and Summer Jazz Colony, serves to train and nurture the next generation of great jazz artists and innovators."
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"Although there was a point with the Tijuana Brass where we were playing for such huge crowds that I kind of lost contact. At one point, the only connection I had with the audience was with people out there lighting cigarettes."
"I confess that I listen to my own music for my own pleasure."
"I don't think radio is selling records like they used to. They'd hawk the song and hawk the artist and you'd get so excited, you'd stop your car and go into the nearest record store."
"I find that it's nice to work with somebody and spin off on someone else's feelings. You get a little jaded by yourself."
"I like to listed to the adventurous guys - the Coltranes, Miles Davis, the guys who just let it loose."
"I like to listen to classical music... I like mainline jazz."
"I never thought of myself as a trumpet player in the traditional sense: I never played in a big band... I didn't struggle the normal way."
"I practice every day. I've been doing it since I was eight."
"I was obligated to do a bunch of concerts and a television show, but something in my stomach was telling me this wasn't what I wanted to do."
"I was taken in by the bravado and the sounds of Mexico... not so much the music, but the spirit."
"I'm an old-timer in the business from the sense that when you do something that you feel good about there might be another person out there who feels the same way, or a hundred or a couple million."
"I'm sure I'll go back again and record in the digital process."
"If you look at a record under a microscope, the high frequencies are short jagged edges... and the low frequencies are long swinging ones are deep bass sounds. When it cut it at half speed, you're getting more of those on the record."
"Instrumental music can spread the international language."
"It's - as opposed to tape where you have a magnetic tape that's excited by frequencies that you hit, digital was a process where musical sounds are transferred to numbers and stored as numbers."
"It's very clean. With tape, you get noise."
"Mexican Shuffle was a turning point of the Brass."
"Selfishly, I make music for me. I like to make music. I like looking for songs. I like working with interesting musicians. I like producing records. It's something I will always do."

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