Jean Cocteau Quotes

26 Jean Cocteau quotes:

"He has the manner of a giant with the look of a child, a lazy activeness, a mad wisdom, a solitude encompassing the world."
Author: Cocteau Quotes Category: Wisdom Quotes
"That pile of paper on his left side went on living like the watch on a dead soldier's wrist."
Author: Cocteau Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"The joy of youth is to disobey; but the trouble is that there are no longer any orders."
Author: Cocteau Quotes Category: Joy Quotes Obedience Quotes
"Whatever the public blames you for, cultivate it; it is yourself"
"Such is the role of poetry. It unveils, in the strict sense of the word. It lays bare, under a light which shakes off torpor, the surprising things which surround us and which our senses record mechanically."
Author: Cocteau Quotes Category: Poet Quotes
"I know that poetry is indispensable, but to what I could not say"
Author: Cocteau Quotes Category: Poetry Quotes

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