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"There's no question in my mind that satellite radio will take its place in the evolution of radio and that Howard Stern is a catalyst for it happening faster. But it's not going to replace FM or AM radio."
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"When young people no longer see radio as the center of their culture... when young people stop doing something and it ceases to be an icon, an institution in their lives, it doesn't bode well for the future,"
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"The radio business is a tough business and Howard Stern generates a ton of money, ... I don't think (Viacom) ever wants to cut him loose. It would be a nuclear-sized event if they did part company."
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"It slows the rate of fire spread. It actually will put the fire out and burn on through. This stuff, when the fire burns up to it, it completely puts it out ... if it's mixed right."
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"We just came out and decided we were going to let our defense fuel our offense."
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"Radio faces an uncertain future, but doom is not around the corner. It's just over the horizon."
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"[The lost market share only shows that Stern, love him or hate him, is] one of the biggest radio attractions in the modern era, ... He's a phenomenon."
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"All across the board, most of the major companies have enacted some type of hard-core rules that basically set the record straight that the talent has to take every opportunity to keep indecency off the air, ... slightest infraction."
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"Half of (the dilemma) has been caused by technological advancements and affordable portable technology, ... and the other half has been the corporatization of radio. It has taken away from the excitement of diversity, that every market was so different."
"The radio industry has sent out directives to all of the talent, putting them on notice that if they do anything that could be interpreted as obscene, they're fired. There's zero tolerance."
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"Historically, it's been hard to make the transition from radio to television and from television to radio. They involve different psychologies. But he's a talented guy, and I think this is a smart way for him to go."
"He's a dead man talking. Based on reports from behind the scenes and critical reaction, coupled with early ratings, it's not looking good."
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