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Russ Diamond Quotes

7 Russ Diamond quotes:

"When there?s competition, the cream rises to the top. Pennsylvania is tired of the same old sour milk."
"I'm going to retake ownership of my constitution. The constitution was written to limit the power of those we elect to office. This fight is a very important one. There are 12.5 million Pennsylvanians and 253 people in office in Harrisburg, drunk on the power. They don't get it. Out here, it's us versus them."
"Instead of just giving us a tax break and putting the money back into the General Fund, we've got to go knock on their door, tell them what our cause is. And the truth is, we don't send them to Harrisburg to be sugar daddies."
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"All these have been through our support period. Others are going through the process."
Author: Diamond Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"Part of the beauty of freedom is that freedom is chaotic."
Author: Diamond Quotes Category: Beauty Quotes
"It takes courage to overthrow your government."
Author: Diamond Quotes Category: Courage Quotes
"We're in the middle of vetting potential candidates."
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